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جمهوری بی جانشین واصف باختری

چها که بر سر اين تکدرخت پير گذشت وليک جنگل انبوه را ز ياد نبرد نشست عمري در استواي برگ و تگرک شکيب صخرة نستوه را ز ياد نبرد به استواري آن سنگ آفرين بادا که آبگينه شد و کوه را ز ياد نبرد استاد واصف باختری بدون شایبه شناسنامه ...

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Investing in Science and Technology: a path to economic prosperity


by: Dr Khesrow Sangarwal For a country like Afghanistan where potential for fiscal independence and economic prosperity is severely limited by the geopolitical variables in the region, it becomes a grave requirement to explore and innovate modern avenues for growth and development. For the state to fund its essential public ...

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The State of Telecoms and Internet in Afghanistan at a Glance

by: JAVID HAMDARD OVERVIEW Just eleven years ago Afghanistan had a barely functional post-war telecom infrastructure and no services. Afghans had to travel to neighboring countries to make a phone call. Since its evolution into relative modernity starting April 2002, the telecom sector in Afghanistan has witnessed an unprecedented and ...

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