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Suspicious murder of a technocratic governor

by: Dr Khesrow SangarwalDetails of a conspiracy theory seldom add up to a convincing and credible account of the event.  Most often a prompt and clear description of the situation, and a rational explanation disperse the acuity and plausibility of a twisted version of the reality. However, the apparent conspiracy ...

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Loopholes in Afghan Electoral Process 2014

by: Dr Khesrow Sangarwal The Independent Election Commission (IEC) of Afghanistan is probably one of the world’s most under-resourced election authority conducting one of the world’s most complicated and challenging elections. Millions of dollars of international aid might have resolved the issue of funding the 2014 Presidential Election, but it ...

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بهره برداری غیرفنی از معادن زغال سنگ

Coal Mine Workers

by: Homayoun Tach  ادامۀ تراژیدی انسانی و زیانهای مادی ریزش یک معدن زغال سنگ در ولایت سمنگان به مرگ ۲۷کارگر و زخمی شدن ۲۰ تن دیگر انجامید. مقامهای دولتی در ولایت سمنگان می گویند ریزش معدن زغال سنگ آبخورک در ولسوالی رویی دوآب این ولایت عصر روز شنبه ۱۴ سپتمبر ...

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