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Equal Representation in the Afghan Elections

By: Hamdullah Mohib Background In a democracy, the result of an election gives legitimacy to the representative of the people or their leader. In Afghanistan’s presidential system, the voters lend their support to the elected president for a five year long term. The number of votes he/she gets is therefore ...

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Teaching Nonviolence in Afghan Classrooms

by: Ahmadullah ArchiwalIn many post conflict societies peace education is an integral part of their education system. Since schools are considered breeding grounds for the future builders of every nation, they are taught the importance of peace and are given a hope for their secure future. Peace education also teaches ...

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The power of narrative

by: Dr Hamdullah Mohib There once was a young religious scholar who just graduated from a Madrassa. Upon completion of his studies, he was advised by his teachers to carry on for another two years studying sociology. But it seemed irrelevant to achieving his dream of becoming an Imam. On ...

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Private VLAN: A simple Layer 2 security approach

by: MUHAMMAD ZUBAIR WARSAJI Abstract The last two years have seen some major online security breaches that made headlines around the world. Some victims were more well-known names, such as Sony and MasterCard. The rising threat of so-called ‘Hactivists’ around the world means that network security must be integrated into ...

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ژورنالیستک اخلاق

 By: Emal Pasarly څو کاله وړاندې د افغانستان ملي تلویزیون د پرانیستي پوهنتون په نامه د لکچرونو یوه لړۍ لرله. پر یوې نه یوې موضوع به یوه کس ناستو کسانو ته خبرې کولې او په پای کې به یې پوښتنې ځوابونه وو.  له ما یې وغوښتل چې پر ژورنالیستیکو اخلاقو ...

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