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The Present State of Higher Education in Afghanistan

by: Dr. Bahwodin Baha Introduction It is well known that the education system, like other institutions in Afghanistan, was devastated by a decade of war and instability in the country [1, 2]. However, the vast majority of the Afghan people realize the importance of a well-established education system in the ...

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افغانستان په تشیا کې: افغان سټ ۱

BY: Mohammad Shafi Wardak مصنوعي سپوږمکۍ، د انسان په لاس جوړه شوې سپوږمکۍ ده ، چې تشیا ته لیږل کیږي او د ځمکې پر مدار شاوخوا ګرځي. مصنوعي سپوږمکۍ د بېلابېلو انساني چارو لپاره کارول کیږي. له مخابراتي او څېړنیزو څیړنو نه نیولې تر هوا پیژندنې، جاسوسۍ، پوځي، او ډول ...

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