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پيامد هاى سفر رئيس جمهور غنى به هند

By: Homayoon Tach رئيس جمهور محمد اشرف غنى در راس يك هيات بلند پايه به دعوت صدراعظم هند، نريندرا مودى براى يك سفر دو روزه در هند قرار دارد. همزمان با سفر هيات افغانى، حكومت هند بستهء كمك يك ميليارد دالرى را براى انكشاف پروژه هاى زير بنايى در افغانستان براى ...

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How are we treating our elderly?

By Dr Khesrow Sangarwal According to the GlobalAgeWatch Index 2013, Afghanistan is the worst country in the world for older people. The country has been rated the second worst in the subsequent data published. Afghans have a proud tradition of respect and care for their elderly. For centuries, Afghan culture ...

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Destigmatising Mental illness in Afghanistan


The stigma attached to mental illnesses in society is probably the single most difficult hurdle in diagnosing and treating mental health problems. Mental health patients in all cultures and corners of the world face cruel prejudice and discrimination, regardless of how wealthy or educated a community is. The stigma, myths ...

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Is violence endemic among Afghans?

By: Dr. Sahar Emran Discourse Afghanistan explores the use of violence in Afghan society, and asks whether violence is endemic among Afghans. This was discussed during a Discourse Hour meeting attended by 24 people. The discussion was divided into two parts – in the first part we discussed violence within ...

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Business and Investment Climate in Afghanistan


BACKGROUND Whilst the majority of the professional Afghan youth, both within and outside Afghanistan, are very aware of the political developments in Afghanistan, mainly due to the unbalanced focus of international media on Afghan politics, unfortunately not many are aware of the developments within the private sector in Afghanistan over ...

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Inter-Cousin Marriages in Afghanistan


by: Dr Khesrow Sangarwal and Sahar Emran Is Inter-Cousin Marriage a Public Health Problem in Afghanistan? Background Studies have suggested that the prevalence of intra-familial unions in Middle Eastern and Asian populations could be as high as 50% of all marriages [1]. One study has estimated the consanguinity rate in ...

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Equal Representation in the Afghan Elections

By: Hamdullah Mohib Background In a democracy, the result of an election gives legitimacy to the representative of the people or their leader. In Afghanistan’s presidential system, the voters lend their support to the elected president for a five year long term. The number of votes he/she gets is therefore ...

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